C6 Energy Services Canada

The Future of Green Waste to Energy


C6 ENERGY SERVICES (C6ES) Canada was created for two reasons. 

The first is to provide sustainable renewable energy solutions, including photo-voltaic, wind, and biomass recovery. 

The second is to process waste materials which contribute to climate change in an environmentally responsible manner,
such as:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) including waste tires
  • Sewage
  • Animal Waste
  • Agricultural Crop Wastes & Residues

The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) process takes unsorted waste, extracts the recyclables after treating it all with steam so they are size reduced and sanitized. These are treated on site for enhancement of value, then sold to smelters and end-users.

The organic fraction comprises of paper, food, bones, nappies, green waste etc.

Post treatment, the organic fraction is visibly similar to compost that is converted into ethanol and the residue from the enzymatic hydrolysis process is combusted in a steam raising boiler, as a carbon neutral fuel, to produce process steam that drives the autoclaves and also the steam turbine to produce green electricity.

The C6ES  process diverts 98% of all waste from landfill and incinerators and reduces greenhouse gasses by up to 20% and achieves a 100% passive public engagement in recycling activities leading to 98% of all recyclables being recovered and sold for reuse.

Additionally C6ES processes and deconstructs scrap tires, re-refines used oil, handles and neutralizes hazardous wastes – including liquid industrial toxic waste (LITW), household hazardous wastes (HHW), and clinical and medical wastes.

It comprises businesses engaged in the generation of renewable electricity from the fiber created from the organic fraction of MSW. The production network spans process facilities in 103 countries throughout the world.

C6 ENERGY SERVICES CANADA  is characterized by the following strengths:

  • High-quality and low-cost production facilities
  • Well-invested plants
  • Large plants that benefit from economies of scale
  • Favourable locations
  • Experienced management
  • Leading market positions
  • Operating diversity – products, customers, geographic regions, applications and end-use markets


Leading market positions allow C6 ENERGY SERVICES CANADA to be the supplier of choice for many of the largest customers in our markets.